New achievements of Webcom Group =
new opportunities for customers!


On July 1, 2017, Webcom Group received the status of Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner. And now, along with only a few colleagues from Russia, Webcom Group is the owner of this premium status.
But of course, it is more important to tell what new opportunities this status opens for the company's customers.

What is the the whole point of the status?

The agency receives more support and more benefits from Google in comparison with other partner statuses. The Google Premium program is aimed at supporting small and medium-sized businesses through more favorable terms (discussed below) for setting up advertising campaigns and promoting AdWords.

What are the benefits for your business?

Thanks to this status, Webcom Group receives a lot of support from Google: new perspectives are opened in the use of technical tools Google AdWords, the list of which will expand significantly. This will allow Webcom experts to provide their customers and partners with cooperation on even more favorable terms:
  • get the most complete set of services for managing campaigns in AdWords;
  • create even more detailed reporting for you;
  • to more quickly solve your problems;
  • among the first to receive the latest information about products and tools of AdWords and the first to be able to use them.
In total in the world about 100 agencies possess this certification, since Google has very serious requirements for obtaining this status.

The requirements for obtaining the status are as follows:

  • providing a first-class level of customer support and the ability to maintain an infrastructure for serving thousands of customers;
  • constant adherence to the high level of sales of Google's advertising products;
  • a large client base of representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.
Webcom Group always strives to increase the level of expertise to improve the quality of business promotion of its partners.