Webcom Media® joined the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC)

On September 1 Webcom Media® became a full member of the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC). Currently Webcom Media® is the first  search engine marketing agency in Belarus consisting in RAEC.

Russian Association of Electronic Communications brings together more than 100 of the most famous players in the market of electronic communications. This allows RAEC objectively represent the interests of the industry and to deal effectively with the challenges it faces.

RAEC’s mission is the full cooperation to realize the potential of the Russian informational sector, communication and Internet technologies for business, society and the state.

In turn, Webcom Media® seeks ways to develop and support Belarusian market of Internet technology, to build and enhance the professional competence of the specialists in the field of search engine marketing in Belarus. The proofs are the annual international conference on seo promotion «Promotion of sites in the Belarusian Internet» and Internet Marketing «BynetWeek» conference organized by Webcom Media®.

In conjunction with the Association of Electronic Communications, Webcom Media® will continue working on the development of search engine marketing in Belarus and Russia, as well as actively promote the Internet as a new and efficient business environment. Also, Webcom Media® will continue a strategic course to strengthen its position on the Russian market of the Internet technologies.