New Year gifts from Webcom Media®

The year comes to an end, Christmas and New Year are on the doorstep - it's time to make gifts and surprises. Let’s sum this year up and make ambitious plans for the future. Webcom Media® Company didn’t refrain from traditions and also prepared a gift for you. And there is no need to wait for chimes ringing to get it. We present it now!

For new clients, as well as current partners of Webcom Media®, who are developing a new project, our company gives a tool that will help to complete this year efficiently, and begin the next one with the successful implementation of bold and promising ideas. What is this magic recipe? Spend 4000 Russian rubles on advertising with Google AdWords till the 25th of December, and you will receive 3000 as a gift! That is a really profitable investment, is it not? Thereby, you can use even more opportunities for realizing the potential of context advertising.

Have you become interested in the details of action and the opportunities of context advertising? All information about the advantages of this advertising tool, especially the peculiarities of service and its cost you can find here.