Useful, productive, positive or how the Webcom Media® Open Day 2014 was held.

How to build a dialogue between the customer and the contractor? Why up to 100% of the advertising budget is draining to nowhere? What social platform most effectively promotes your business? Why forcing the customer to register on the site prevents the sales growth? These and other important business questions were answered on Webcom Media Open Day, which took place on the 5th of December at the National Library.

OD 2014 at one glance:

  • 6 useful reports from practicing professionals;
  • 550 guests: mainly executives, senior managers, SEO and marketing specialists, PR people and students;
  • 480 seconds of hurricane-like sound from the drum-show «Stress»;
  • 210 minutes of important information, fresh cases and relevant knowledge;
  • 220 liters of coffee and tea.
OD program was composed to cover all major areas of the internet marketing sphere: SEO, copywriting, SMM, business promotion in the Web. Three of the six reports were represented by Webcom Media experts, and three more – by foreign guests. To learn the details of the program and to acquaint with expert’s presentations, please visit the Webcom Media Open Day website.

Google Product and Solutions Specialist Kirill Fominov appeared on stage twice - in the first half of the conference he talked about marketing in today's online world, and the second - on the prospects of online advertising.

But not everything went smooth: just a day before the event, one of the foreign specialists, expert on promotion in social networks Alexander Kerya was hospitalized. We had to urgently look for a replacement, because we could not leave OD without the story about the refinements of SMM. Director and author of the projects All in Top and All in Top Coaching Vasily Tkachev gladly responded to our invitation to speak on this topic, and in such a short period of time prepared a presentation on building up a loyal audience in social networks.

OD format allowed each participant not only to achieve useful reports and learn about new «tricks» in Internet promotion, but also to communicate with experts in person, talk about sore points and get useful recommendations for business development. Also, during the coffee-breaks, Learning Center SEOLAB acquainted everyone with programs they provide, and Webcom Media HR-specialists talked about employment opportunities and practical training in the company.

All photos from the event can be found on Webcom Media Facebook page.

OD 2014 summed up the year, and we are starting to prepare for the main event of the next one - «Bynet Week». By the way, you can influence on its content. Want to discuss a sore subject? Dreamed to hear an authoritative speaker for a long time? All your wishes on the reports of experts and can be left on the site and in the official group conference in Facebook, and perhaps particularly your proposal will find its reflection on «Bynet Week» conference!