Webcom Media becme a certified agency of the Target@Mail.ru contextual advertising service

Webcom Media contextual advertising managers reaffirmed their professional skills, and became the owners of certificates proving their competence in working with Target@Mail.ru service according to its standards and procedures.

Contextual advertising is one of the most effective and inexpensive tools in internet marketing, as it has the possibility of really fine-tuning, so the resources are not wasting.

A distinctive feature of the service Target@Mail.ru is it’s wide coverage in low competition environment, as well as a flexible adjustment of targeting specific parameters. The list of projects that covered by this advertising network includes:

  • Odnoklassniki (ok.ru)
  • My World
  • Mail.ru Services (Mail, Answers, Auto, Health, Newsletters, Travel, Files)
  • Mail.ru Group Mobile advertising network
  • and many others!

Now Webcom Media customers have the opportunity  to access to an even bigger audience and more opportunities to promote their goods or services on the web.