On Bynet Week 2015 we cured sites, talked with conscience and gave away many tricks

A new Yandex algorithm, which made everybody in Bynet and Runet stir their stumps. Drastic changes in the Google mobile search algorithm. Low-input but effective ways to increase profits while crisis is raging. Backstage secrets of online marketing revealed by «the masked man».

Becoming a witness to historical events in internet marketing was possible at the «Bynet Week. Origins» conference, which was held in Minsk from 14th to 17th of April, at the President Hotel.

Bynet Week at a Glance:

  • 1,700 people attended the conference.
  • 49 speakers were on stage of the «President Hotel».
  • 3380 minutes of useful information received by participants.
  • 64 presents were given by the organizers.
  • 2000 photos were printed in the photo box.
  • 4300 cups of coffee were drank and countless kilos of biscuits was eaten during unofficial talks.


Surprises from Alexander Sadovsky, the search services director in Yandex company, had already became a tradition on Bynet Week. This year, he presented an algorithm «Minusinsk», which will change SEO drastically. On 14th of May, Yandex begins pessimization of the sites actively buying links. There won't be any exeptions: pessimization will affect all branches, all sites and all regions.
Participants were also looking forward to hear a Report from Google Search Quality Strategist Andrei Lipatsev. He presented a new mobile-friendly Google algorithm, which will radically change the organic results on mobile devices.
Want to know more? Video are already available on the Bynet Week website.

«SMM-agences should remove their heads from certain places, and start counting the money: theirs and their client's»

Does the contractors fraud clients? Why is the half of the marketing managers should be fired? What you are actually paying for when ordering SMM? Pullbacks, total incompetence of developers, meaninglessness of the concept of «Digital» and many other sensitive issues were uncovered by secret in a new format for Belarus - «Conversation with a conscience». Anonyms, hiding their faces behind the mask, answered urgent questions, revealed the secrets of the backstage of Internet marketing and voiced the facts, which are usually stayed under the carpet. Video is already available on the official website.

«Site Clinic» by Google and other Master-classes

For the first time in Belarus «site clinic» by Google took place at BynetWeek - anyone could get the recipe of a «Google medicine» to improve their site. Andrei Lipatsev (Google, Dublin) was the «doctor».

In addition to reports and presentations during the conference, three master classes were available for the guests. Sergey Spivak, Presidential Advisor of Internest Group, told how quickly, cheaply and efficiently create landing pages. Author of the bestseller «Business Promotion in VKontakte» Dmitry Rumyantsev gave step by step instructions on the promotion of business in this social network, and the expert on advertising products and solutions Fominov Kirill (from Google) held a training workshop on working with Google AdWords.

We thank our guests for active participation, interesting questions and helping us to create a unique informal atmosphere, and all the partners - for their assistance and support. Particularly like to express appreciation to the team of BSB Bank for fruitful cooperation. Through the joint efforts we managed to hold the conference, which the speakers themselves named one of the best in the CIS.

The presentation and video interview with speakers are available online on Bynet Week official website. In addition, the photoes from conference are available on our Facebook page. Find and mark yourself and your friends!