Well drive your business on a new market!

New markets are always a challenge for business and often associated with the risk of missing the audience. Specialists of Webcom Media have many years of experience in search engine marketing in Russia and the CIS. Promotion in these segments has a number of specific features and subtleties, without the possession of which it is impossible to enter the market and to attract target audience successfully. Our experts have experience in successful promotion of the companies with the greatest search engines of CIS, such as Yandex, Google, Rambler, Mail.ru and others.

Working with us, you get a set of measures to enter the new market:

  • we study your business objectives;

  • you get the market research;

  • next, we offer a set of tools that will solve your business problem;

  • we develop promotion strategy and harmonize it with you;

  • we implement strategy;

  • then we gather analytics results and provide you with reports;

  • after that, we correct strategy and tools or elements of promotion, if required;

  • then we start the process of implementation again and thereby we are heading for success with you, setting the new, higher business goals.

The most essential tools of promotion we offer are the following:


Search engine optimization has
a number of indisputable advantages such as:

  • long-term result;

  • low cost of customer attraction;

  • brand awareness and trust.

The principles of promotion to CIS market differ significantly from the mechanisms in other segments. Extensive experience with Search Engine Optimization allows our experts to achieve truly impressive results and make our clients successful in the online marketplace.

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Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising has the following advantages over other types of online advertising:

  • instant results;

  • possibility to manage advertising budget in real time;

  • pay only for clicks, not for showing Ad;

  • an exact match the interests of users;

  • the ability to select the exact target audience - behavioral, geo-targeting and other forms of targeting;

  • detailed statistics of the PPC campaign.

Making context ads in the Russian-language segment also has a number of features, from key principles for how to design online ads to the  perception of advertising by CIS users. Status of Google AdWords and Yandex.Metrika Certified Partner confirms the high level of  our experts in making context ads. More than 30 certificated specialists from our team will work on your project to make it successful. Learn more here.

Targeted advertising on social networks

The advantage of social networking sites is the fact that people tell about themselves everything from age and sex to the interests and preferences. This allows you to study your customer and use these characteristics in targeted advertising, which helps to build communication with them to a new level. Webcom Media specialists have extensive experience in creating and conducting campaigns in social networks such as Facebook, Vkontakte and in advertising platform myTarget.

Targeted advertising solves common business problems:

  • attraction of new clients and customer retention;

  • brand promotion;

  • promote a new product;

  • promote a product on new segments and markets of other countries;

  • announcing events;

  • advertising a discount or special offer;

  • opportunity to inform customers about new arrivals more quickly and many others.

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Considering an international expansion of your brand on CIS market? You have found the right company. We provide custom-tailored marketing research and competitive analysis to reach the result your business deserves. Thouthands of clients are looking for your services and products online right now. Let’s help them to find you!