Search Engine Marketing Agency №1 - the third year in a row.

Last week of November, we will remember as the great event that undoubtedly will be the starting point for new achievements and victories! Ask what happened? Everything is very simple.On the 26 of november the results of the International Festival-competition "Choice of the Year – 2015" were summed up.

Webcom Media Group was named "Agency of the search engine marketing №1 in Belarus!"

This valuable and important award for us – a clear confirmation that our team is moving in the right direction. For the third consecutive year we have such a high evaluation of the results of the International Festival-competition "Choice of the Year – 2015"!
There is no limit to perfection, and we are not going to stop there! And today we want to thank all those without whom this success would be unattainable:

  •     Our customers who do not allow us to stand still and constantly and put before us extraordinary tasks. Every day it’s a new challenge!
  •     Our partners, through which sold the most seemingly crazy ideas!
  •     Our colleagues in the market, as it stimulates us to move forward, to improve ourselves!
  •     And of course, our favorite, close and valuable employees, without whom none of achievement would not be possible!

We promise to continue this pleasing trend and maintained its leading position in our industry for a long time. Let's move to new heights together!