Facebook and Instagram Carousel Ads can get you 10 times more clicks than the normal ads!

Did you know that a carousel ad on Facebook and Instagram can get you 10 times more clicks than the normal ad. With more images, a carousel ad can increase clicks ad. And as a result conversion will be increased. 
As a matter of fact, a carousel ad is one that displays series of images, not the only one. Here is the example of the one realized by Mini. 

It’s only little time passed since Facebook announced it’s new advertising feature, and it shows quite good results. 
When Food Panda, a food delivery company, tested carousel ads on Facebook for the first time, they found out that CTR (click through rate) had incriesed by 180%, and CPI (cost per install) had decreazed by 39%. 

Nowadays carousel ads in Facebook and Instagram give a lot of competative advantages
  • Firstly, not all of the brands or companies use this tool 
  • Secondly, most of the companies that use carousel do it in a wrong way

What are Caurosel Ads

Caurosel ads allow businesses to include 3-5 images in ad they post on Instagram or Facebook, instead of the one. 
This images can be amalgamated into one ad and the user can scroll the gallery to the end to see them all.
As the result, businesses get an opportunity to tell their own story and to build strong visual engagement.  
Let’s have a look on some real examples of using carousel ads. 
Showcase Multiple Products Together

If you need to show a number of goods - use the carousel ad as a showcase. This is what Banana Republic has made. 
The company used the carousel ad to show users some looks from their new collection which included jeans and shirts.
Banana Republic invited a famous blogger to take part in photosession to increase the engagement even more. 

The same approach was used by Shutterfly (international company that provides print servicies). They wanted their customers to know that they’re having a sale on the website. But instead of using ordinary images of the products Shutterfly decided to share images of dog mugs and adorable cats. Aren’t they amazing? 

Wendys also use carousel ads for product placement. To add something new to the carousel format they decided to make one long photo and to split it into 5 parts. It tuned out one long table with a lot of food. Take a look on this ad below! 

Split images is the easiest and at the same time effective way of piqueing curiosity among your users. The first image should revial something but not enough, so that the user are compelled to swipe more. 
For instance, Tesco Foods makes it almoust impossible for customers to avoid their Instagram carousel ad of delicious tandoor by splitting the image into four different parts.
Promote Your Brand’s Culture

There is nothing better than telling the whole world about your brand. And carousel is the tool that can help you to make it in a creative way. 
To get more people to sign up as an Uber driver the comany decided to launch an advertising campaign focusing not only on beautifull images but also on subscriptions under them. Main advantages of being an Uber driver were described there. Moreover, they also focused on monetary benefits and the caption for the first image was “Get Paid Weekly for Driving”. It made people curious so that they swipe the ad till the end. 

Pencils for Promise is a non-profit organization that helps build schools and push education in developing countries. And through this ad, they are trying to depict just that.


Tell the Story

Minibar, a restaurant, used a carousel ad to tell a story and let the users know what it is like to enjoy a drink there. Moreover some sale codes for ordering drinkes in their restaurant were written on the pictures. People could swipe left till the end, find teir favourite drink and order it with discount. Good idea, Minibar! 

Cadbury depicts this really funny cricket story with their ad. To know what was hapenning to the ball in the end, users had to scroll it till the very end.

Carousel ad specifications

Imagine that you have already defined the strategy and it’s time to prepare images to the carousel. 
First of all you need to check how much text does your image have. For Facebook ads text should take less than 20% of the image. If you are not really sure about the persantage of the text on your images, you can check it here
  • Facebook Carousel Ad specifications:
The image size 600 x 600 px
The text on top of the image can be of a maximum 90 characters
The link headline can be of a maximum 40 characters
  • Instagram Carousel Ad specifications:
The image size 600 x 600 px
The text description can be over 2,200 characters
Probably, some of you has already decided to test the carousel while reading the article, and the others, on the contrary, considered this tool not suitable for their advertising campaign. But we advice you to experiment with advetirsment tools and use not only standart approaches. Meanwhile, somebody is already using carousel to attract new customers. Remember, those customers are probably yours.