The most notable events for Webcom Media® in November!

This November was marked by two notable events for Webcom Media. The most important thing is that for four consecutive years our company has won «Choice of the year» award in the «Search-engine marketing agency №1» nomination in Belarus. 

What is the «Choice of the year»? This is the most prestigious Belarusian award that selects the best companies in every sphere of business. We are grateful to everyone who has been opting for us back-to-back years – this is the best motivation to upgrade our professional skills and search for the new options to improve our clients’ business!

This victory is the achievement of our team, partners, clients and fellow colleagues! Thank you all for helping us to reach higher heights!

Another significant event happened on the 4th of November when our company held the annual free conference on internet marketing with more than 650 participants! Businessmen, team leaders and marketing specialists listened to the reports, delivered by the experts from Yandex, Vkontakte, Webcom Media, found out the most common mistakes in sales, how to launch advertising campaigns, how to promote your website, and surely they gave practical recommendations and advice!

Speakers at the Doors Open Day always speak the same language with the audience and about the same goals. There are no technicalities, professional slang self-promotion – speakers presented essential information and practical cases that are impossible to find anywhere else. Not least importantly, everyone interested has a great opportunity to communicate with professionals in a comfortable environment and learn something new to implement it at work.

If you want to learn more about the conference: find presentations, video, photo reports and testimonials you can visit official site day.webcom-media.by.

The group of companies Webcom Media cares about the awareness of people, directly involved in the business processes, and aims efforts to develop internet marketing in Belarus.

You can listen to even more reports dedicated to practical aspects of the internet marketing at the International Conference «Bynetweek». It will take place in the spring time next year and gather best professionals in the internet marketing field from around the world.

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See you this spring at the conference «Bynetweek»!