Do you want to bring the business to the new market? Bring customers from the US and Europe!

When business goes beyond the local market, to the international arena, then a lot of questions arise with the advancement on the Internet. One of the most effective and inexpensive tools of Internet promotion is contextual advertising in search engines.

So today in Europe and the United States, for example, is very popular search engine Bing from Microsoft. It takes the 2nd place in the list of the most popular search sites by traffic volume, in contrast to which it has a number of advantages, such as: 
  • The ability to view search results on one page (instead of scrolling through multiple pages of search results); 
  • Dynamic correction of the amount of information displayed for each search result (for example, only a title, a short or a large summary);
  • Built-in word search in Microsoft Word.
Advertising in Bing is very similar to advertising on Google - it also works based on cost-per-click. Advertisers can manage their ads through a specialized Bing Ads platform. To create advertisements in Bing, you must have an account in this advertising platform. To understand how advertising works in Bing, you can also by watching a short video.
Example of contextual advertising in Bing by search query

And more recently, a Webcom Group employee was accredited as a certified specialist for working with the Bing search engine in accordance with all the requirements of the program.
Now start advertising in this search engine will be even easier. We'll help you set up and launch an advertising campaign in order to increase your conversion using the optimal budget.