Update Yandex.Direct: each according to needs

Yandex in his blog announced that by the middle of June, the user factor when displaying advertisements will have more weight. Issuance of Yandex.Direct will be better understood by Internet users.

Are you making a seasonal sale? Then your ad is more likely to reach users who are more likely to click on ads with promotions and discounts.
The idea of ​​individual extradition is not new, but do advertisers expect dramatic changes? The desire to focus on the user factor does not negate the importance of quality and relevance of advertising, as well as clickability and rate-per-click. On the contrary, different extradition for different people is designed to provide increased targeted traffic to your site and optimize your budget.
Yandex reassures advertisers that the average positions of advertisements should not change significantly, and if your advertising reaches the intended effect of the audience, then in the future it will.
Accounting for user factors will help one of Yandex.Direct's main goals – to maximize non-random, quality clicks, allowing users to find exactly what they need.
Closer to launching the innovation, Yandex promises to answer questions on this topic and share examples.