Intelligent PPC Management: We know your audience

Providing paid advertising service for Russian online market we choose all the effective placements for your ads so that you will not miss your customers. As Russian Internet audience is keen on using both Yandex and Google search engines we offer promoting your website through paid advertising on Yandex as well as on Google.

Knowing the significant difference between the way Google Adwords and Yandex Direct apply key relevancy metric and recognize high quality advertisements we are able to optimize Google PPC and Yandex PPC campaigns in tune with both systems as well as your business KPIs and in perspective to earn lower cost-per-click rates. Being native Russian speakers, our talented PPC team is ready to create compelling ads using all their experience and knowledge of the local CIS market to profit our clients' business as swiftly and effectively as possible. 

With PPC you get:
  • New online markets: enter Russian-speaking segments with localized PPC campaigns;
  • Immediate results:  get your first conversions right after the campaign is launched;
  • Precise geographical, demographic and thematic targeting coupled with sensible time scheduling that is critically important in Russian market: when, where & why of your business promotion;
  • Approved tools for sales generation: boost your business with innovative techniques for increasing conversion rates.

How It Works:
1.    We analyze your business to select highly efficient niches for your PPC campaigns
2.    We develop bespoke strategies for advertising on Yandex and Google with regard to your business’ competitive advantages 
3.    We set up your account guiding you through the stages of keywords research and ads creation
4.    We tune up your PPC campaigns with advanced settings for cost-effective budgeting
5.    We monitor your PPC campaigns in the real-time mode to deliver relevant and complete reports
6.    We track effectiveness via Yandex.Metrics and Google Analytics to ensure flexible and timely adjustments to the campaigns
7.    We ensure comprehensive client communication, where you are regularly assisted by your personal account manager.