Social Media Marketing

Step into the promising field of social media with Webcom Media® and take advantage of your social presence

The popularity of social networks continues to grow rapidly. The virtual life is becoming a significant part of day-to-day life. Companies pay attention to this marketing channel.

How can business benefit from it? 

 Nowadays, through social networking sites, companies can interact with their consumers. This way of interaction can instil a feeling of loyalty into potential customers
Moreover, social networks users are sharing personal info including age, interests, location, gender, etc. This information allows advertisers to create specific target groups and choose whom to follow on these sites, so that their product can reach a very narrow target audience. This type of advertising is called targeted.
The targeted advertising helps to promote your product, service, special offers or events to interested in it people.
No doubt, the fast growing opportunities of social networks should be used by companies.

Which social network should you advertise on?

It all depends on your business, target demographic and goals... 
Our professional team will help you to pick up the most suitable social network and create ads that will supplement your other inbound marketing efforts.

Social Media Networks
  • Vkontakte (VK, literally “in touch”) − the most popular among Russian-speaking users social network with more than 300 million accounts.
  • Facebook -  the largest social networking site in the world, that has more than 9 million Russian-speaking users. In 2015 Facebook announced that it has reached 2 million active advertisers all over the world.
  • MyTarget=Odnoklassniki and Group -  advertising platform and social network that is popular in Russia and CIS. The site has more than 140 million registered users.

Your social media presence

We can back up your targeted advertising campaigns with a branded social network profile and comprehensive community management. Make your prospects learn more about your business through the engaging page and see your traffic skyrocketing.
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